Trick or treat.

Despite my rantings, I actually had a great Hallowe'en... as you can tell by my costume.

You see, my normal attire around the lab is usually a vivid Hawaiian shirt, perhaps with a T-shirt underneath celebrating an archaic video game or a cartoon dinosaur. The pants are at least two different colours, and I usually have a day's worth of stubble (give or take a day).

Then, they asked me if I was going to dress up for Hallowe'en. I ask you, how can I pass up a punch line like that?

Incidentally, I was supposed to change the pump oil on all our vacuums today, but no one had the heart to get my suit dirty. A side benefit!

They did, however, make it perfectly clear that I could come in tomorrow wearing an ermine robe, and I'd still be working on those vacuum pumps. 24 hours of amnesty is better than none, I guess.

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Anonymous said...

You sure did dress up. Something I will try, the next time I am asked the same question!

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