And don't forget Hinduism.

An anonymous poster (I've got those already?) inspired me to say a bit more on the subject of elephants. First, though, George Orwell was no Teddy Roosevelt. His story of the shooting is both tragic and fascinating. Please, read it for yourself.

Now, back to elephants. Last month, I went to see The Protector (highly recommended for martial arts fans). The Royal Elephants of Thailand have been captured, and Tony Jaa's going to take on the Australian Mafia to get them back! Usually, I don't like cute animals used as a plot device, but this movie reminded me that elephants aren't cute... they're awesome.

Yes, there will be kanji lessons in this blog.They're intelligent and mysterious. They're empathetic and social. They're essentially peaceful, yet incredibly powerful. Their skeletons were the inspiration for the myth of the cyclops (that nasal cavity looks a lot like one giant eye socket), and the kanji for "elephant" also means "phenomenon".

I don't believe in totem animals or spirit guides, but if I did... well, wanting an elephant as your personal spirit guide is probably the equivalent of seeing if "NinjaMaster@hotmail.com" is taken -- you can't have it, you don't deserve it, and you're not impressing anybody with your hubris.

Anyway, my point is: Elephants are awesome, the musophobia is just a smear campaign, and you can bet your last piano key that I'll be talking about this in a novel about former circus clowns.


Anonymous said...

I really think Elephants are royalty in an alternate universe, and clowns their protectors.

Margo said...

Remember (last year? I think?) when that baby elephant was born and the mother rejected him and a couple weeks or so later, he died? I cried like a little bitch.

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