The city by the sea with the heart of a mountain.

Some cities are like mansions: magnificent and stately, instantly recognizable and influential. For those with power, living in these cities are a reward for their success, and they like to add to their city's grandeur, as though it were a trophy room. But such cities can also be prisons: imposing and exclusive, a constant reminder of all the things you'll never have.

Other cities are vehicles: sleek and powerful, always charging forward. People can improve them and polish them, and some can develop a deep understanding with their city, which gives them the competitive edge they crave. But even so, should they reach their goal, or find a better way to get there, the city will have hit the end of its usefulness to them.

But Halifax is neither of these... it's an environment. It's more than a city to explore, it's a city which needs exploration. It's a track upon which people race, and an understanding of their city helps them to improve their times. It's a gigantic playground, home to whatever adventure your imagination can find. It's a mountain full of alpine trails, designed so that beginners and experts alike can challenge themselves while enjoying the beauty. Halifax is not something to ride -- it's something to be ridden.

Like a wave.

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