On Monday, I had the good fortune of joining up with a few people for an afternoon of lawn bowling. Good fun was had, and we learned quite a bit about the sport, as well. As the sun dipped a bit lower, the games slowed down, the snack table was set up, and drinks were opened while Led Zeppelin played on a turntable in the distance (as close to us as the extension cord could reach).

Thus, I finally had the chance to meet a newcomer who'd joined the game next to me. I shook his hand, introduced myself, and finally asked the question that had been bugging me all afternoon:

"You didn't, by any chance, attend the Calgary Comic Expo dressed as Green Lantern, did you?"

"I did indeed."

And so, a merry discussion indeed was launched, on the merits of various characters, and movies, and costumes, and how success for two of those categories doesn't guarantee success for the third. It was a fine day, except for one thing:

I've now had it made obvious to me -- in almost the most literal way possible -- that the standard "domino" mask is completely and utterly useless in any practical sense.

Although, now that I think about it, the only two original Justice League members I can recall offhand who wore a partial mask (rather than a hooded mask, or no mask whatsoever) were Green Lantern and Green Arrow. And as ineffective as Green Lantern's mask is, at least he doesn't have a waxed goatee to hinder his anonymity, as well.

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Stefanos said...

Makes me wish I could have joined the evening! Then I could have chimed in about the practicality of full-body makeup and moustaches.

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