The system can't handle this.

There are 2 types of people:
Those that have ulcers, and those that give them.
Try to be in the latter. All you have to do is have integrity,
speak the truth, help others and try to keep having fun.
The system can't handle this.

-John Cherwonogrodzky

There's nothing I can write about today that'll be half as profound as this advice I recently got from a co-worker. By recording it here for semi-posterity, it's in the hopes that you'll appreciate this as much as I do.

And just so you know, John C. is a true legend of our workplace - beloved by his peers and bedeviling to his superiors, he gives our building more character than all the government's morale-boosting initiatives combined ever could. So, if any of you have room for it in your .sig file, or your "quote of the day" mailing list, or even if you just share it on Facebook, we'll be one step closer to having the search engines get a hold of this quote, and turn it into a cached and archived Internet Truth, which it rightfully deserves.

Because sometimes, wisdom doesn't come from unstable millionaire celebrities. Sometimes, it comes from the wise. It's nice to remember that from time to time.

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