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Remember how I said that a problem I had with Young Galaxy's newest album was that it didn't sound like they were having fun? On Friday, I had the pleasure of seeing Danny Michel in concert, and it was something magical. He sang about drinking rum punches on the shores of Belize, he sang about homesickness and wanderlust, he sang about his anguish at seeing people die in unnecessary wars... he sang us clear across his world, but no matter he was playing, he always looked happy. Even when the song was sad and mournful, you could see in his face that he was glad he could share it with us. Be it a shining ruby or a handful of worms, he'd show it to you with a smile and ask, "Isn't this cool?"

Yes. Yes, it was.

Is that the secret to performing? To have fun for your own sake, and simply allow the audience to join you? It sounds like a nice idea... but I suppose I'll find out for sure what performing is like this summer. I also had my meeting with the director yesterday, and she confirmed it: I'll be playing Benedick this summer.

Technically, I suppose this should be a frightening thought, but all I have to do is have fun, right? Nothing simpler.

And if it's more complicated than that... well, hopefully, it'll at least make good blog fodder.

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CassandraJoe said...

On the off chance that talking about your upcoming performance falls by the wayside, keep me updated! I will be in the area by then and it would be awesome to see you perform!

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