The Blue Streak sets sail.

No blog update today, Denton?

For shame!

But you were busy writing a novel?


I'm actually feeling pretty good about it, too. It's a simple fantasy novel, but aside from some vague idea about basing it against a pre-industrial economy, I wasn't yet sure what my villain's main plan was. Honestly, that wasn't too surprising for me. In almost everything I've ever written, the villain was added only at the end. Usually, I'm just content to explore the main character's personality, and find entertaining ways to describe the little challenges and encounters of their day-to-day life.

But this time, I've figured out how to tell a story about secret passages to demonic worlds, and limitless riches that await the man insane enough to risk ruin upon his world by attempting to invade that blighted realm.

In other words, I'm finally writing stuff that doesn't belong on my blog*. I'm growing as a writer! And now, if you'll excuse me - when writers grow, they get to go to bed.

See you tomorrow!

*Unless you count that year in Grande Prairie.

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