In which the author pretends he still has a blog.

Well, I'm in the Calgary airport once again, awaiting the boarding call which will commence another wonderful weekend in San Francisco/Oakland/Berkeley/the Bay Area. (I'm still not too sure where the locals self-identify.) American customs security is as depressing as always, but the baggage handler gave me an extra wave. I guess that counts for something. The Tim Hortons' stand continues to ply its wares - for departing travelers, it's one last breath of misplaced patriotism in a Canadian myth. (Unless the Canadian myth celebrates our slavish devotion to bad coffee and half-cooked doughnuts.)

I'm not yet sure exactly what I'll be doing in California, but if I find anything out, I'll let you know.


The Capillary said...

This sounds rather depressing for a person embarking on an adventure.

Denton said...

You know what? You're right.

Denton said...

By which I mean, "I should sound more positive, as to better reflect my mood", not "you're right, I am depressed."

Man. I'm out of practice here...

Laina said...

The last thing I ate in Canada was a ham and swiss, a boston cream donut and an ice cap. I am a good Canadian.

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