All right. Time to leave the Vegas strip, shake off that neon dust, and go see a few things in my own backyard. After all, everybody has a duty to themselves to know where they live, or else admit they don't live there. Maybe Dinosaur Provincial Park is just an insignificant ripple in the unending plains. But I won't know until I've been there. And I should know.

There'll be no blogging out there, though, so if you want to be updated on is-this-edible stories, you'll have to follow me on Twitter. Username: Labville, naturally. But even then, that's providing that I a) have cell reception, and b) remember my cell.

In other words, have a good weekend, and I hope to have some stories for you by Monday.


Adam said...
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Adam said...

Consider me to be envious. Dinosaur Provincial Park is definitely worth it. Hope you're going to make it to the Tyrell museum.

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