The World Ends With You.

Is there any greater delight in travelling than being able to shrink the world? The very act is a Zen counterpoint to itself -- the easiest way to shrink the world, of course, is not to go anyway. But the very act of finding the similar refrains in different worlds is impossible without achieving a greater understand of just how large the world is in the first place.

But I didn't dance the night away in a seafood restaurant just to put my interpretations of Zen koans to the test. I danced because when you're eating crab legs in San Francisco with two other friends from Medicine Hat, that's cause to celebrate.

Alas, they declined to join me in dancing. Maybe that's because everyone on the dance floor was a waitress... or maybe they were just tired from all their sight-seeing. Yeah, that's probably it.

mojo status: 50/100

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