I thought "vintage" clothing had wine spilled on it.

There was a wine and cheese party at the hostel last night. Everyone mingled and shared stories, and I... hung around in the corner. I did meet one fellow from France, though, who was disappointed to discover that this Canadian could hardly speak a word of French.

mojo status: 11/100

But, the corner can provide a valuable viewpoint. Last night, I saw:
-a girl with flowers in her hair.
-a girl with feathers in her hair.
-a man with wings in his sideburns.
-a patchwork suitjacket.
-a dude wearing sunglasses... and a bowtie.

I am gaining courage. I remember that once upon a time, I was known as... "the guy with the pants."

mojo status: 15/100


SarahJanet said...

I tend to think of you as the guy with the Hawaiian shirts, personally.

Denton, a.k.a. Aquadeo said...

Funny you should mention that -- I visited the Goodwill at Haight-Ashbury today. It's... colourful.

Karen said...

I think of you as "the guy who curls in a kilt".

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