Bay City Rolling.

All right. Home at last, with a few lessons learned on the nature of mojo -- and the duties that mojo puts upon you. I think I'm ready to start being interesting again.

But before I get interesting -- let's see some vacation photos!

What, you were expecting the Golden Gate bridge? Hey, it's a beautiful structure, but it's been photographed before.

On the other hand, I've never seen pigeons that looked like this. Check out the brown and white one! It was clearly the ringleader, too.

There must be a story behind this. I can only assume she's a costumed crimefighter, and she has to pick up her vigilante license. Why else would taping a note to a parking sign be the best way to find someone?

The lovely staff at the blood donor clinic -- just to prove I wasn't lying.

"The future is here already -- it's just unevenly distributed." - William Gibson

And, of course, the base of operations. Without its central location, its free breakfasts, and its lack of air conditioning and privacy, I wouldn't have been outside half as much as I actually was.

And now... time to go stimulate the mojo economy. But how in the world am I going to do that?

Hm, it seems that the Monarch Theatre will be playing Viva Las Vegas to commemorate the King's death, and they'll need an impersonator.

I guess it's easier than I thought.

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