Ten things for ten days.

1. Where in Motown is Carmen Sandiego?

2. Street performance Shakespeare would probably attract police in this town. That kind of makes me want to do it more.

3. Elvis wig is GO.

4. The diving syringe catch is one of the most cliché moment in science, and every bit as exhilirating as you'd think.

5. Rule of thumb: buttons asking me to ask about something already tell me all I need to know.

6. Are countries supposed to be profitable?

7. Class is doing what everyone else does. Style is doing what you do. Halfway between them is panache.

8. I need to raise $500,000 to save the Monarch Theatre.

9. Hence, the Elvis wig and the street performances. I could probably raise, like, at least $20 with that.

10. I'm now heading on a ten-day road trip from here to Nova Scotia. Aside from a few friends, some family, and the Ghostbusters firehall in New York, I have no idea what I'll be doing. Wish me luck.

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