Rim-rolling not required.

I'm in line at the Robin's Donuts in Regina's Southland Mall. The girl in front of me is actually an employee of the Orange Julius next door. Together, her and the girl at Robin's are trying to open up a giant keg-sized jar of sauerkraut. They're twisting it, tapping it, banging it, but the lid remains in place. After a few seconds, I politely step forward and offer my help. They hand me the jar, and after a bit of tugging, I manage to pop off the lid, and they cheer. The Orange Julius clerk takes the sauerkraut back to her waiting hot dogs, and I ask for an apple fritter and a hot chocolate.

She gets me my order, pauses a moment, and says, "You know what? You don't have to pay. You're strong and blah blah muh bleubah..." Her voice fades off in a mumble. Perhaps it's because she realised it might be slightly creepy to talk like that to a guy twice her age. Perhaps I simply stopped listening after the first few words. But the facts remain:

1. I was complimented on my strength.
2. Free donut.
3. Free Robin's donut.

There's a reason why I love this town.


Adam said...

Well, it's only creepy if she was young enough to violate the "half your age plus seven rule" (see http://tinyurl.com/yuzxzr).

That being said, congrats on receiving the free doughnut!

Anonymous said...

Damn, r u still here? I was in Edmonton all weekend and just got back!


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