All according to plan.

Well, the comments have been coming back to me, and I thank you all for your input. Voting's still too close to call a winner, although I've heard that Horse Thief terrifies my three-year-old nephew. I'm not yet sure whether to count that as a vote for or a vote against.

And, unfortunately, I'll soon be leaving on vacation, putting the conclusion of Evil Ball off until October, if it's not done next week. Can I write the script in time? We'll have to find out.

In the meantime, however, there was this wonderful moment at the Greenhouse which I'd like to share with you. The question was, whether or not to use a narrow-necked plastic bottle to transport a smaller bottle. The narrow neck meant getting it out would be a pain, but it was the only bottle immediately on hand. MJ and I were discussing the various ways of retrieving the smaller bottle as we walked through the hallway:

"I don't want to turn it upside-down, that's for sure."

"You could always cut it off."

"Well, I’d rather turn it upside-down than cut it off."

"But if you did cut it off, you wouldn’t have to do any shaking."

At this point, we noticed someone else who'd had the ill fortune to hear only this portion of the conversation. The look of fear on her face said it all. She did not know. She did not want to know. She just turned, and kept on walking.

That was quite possibly my favourite moment of the entire month.

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