Smart car, dumb driver.

Usually, a drive from Medicine Hat to Edmonton (600km) takes just a little bit more than one tank of gas (40L). Not too bad, really, considering all the vehicles on the road which probably consume a Hyundai's weight in gasoline just going through the drive-through at Timmy's. Of course, that was "not too bad" back in the days before gas topped $1.30/L in Canada. Nowadays, I'm willing to look at the options.

  • New car. An intriguing prospect, but I think you guys know me better than that.

  • Magic fuel-boosting pellets that you throw in the gas tank to clean your system -- no doubt done with the help of tiny, anthropomorphic scrubbing bubbles. Perhaps those pellets would be better employed in agriculture... because they're hogwash.

  • Pulse-and-glide. Accelerate to 120 km/h, put the car in neutral, and coast until you're down to 80 km/h or so before starting up to 120 again. The average speed is still 100 km/h, but you're only driving half as much! Actually, the claims made aren't quite that grandiose... but those claims also fail to mention how ridiculous it feels. Pass. (In the pulse-and-glide's defence, though, this technique is much better suited to hybrid cars, which manages the transitions in and out of neutral much more smoothly, and maximize the car's performace while coasting.)

  • Go slower. (Sigh.) Okay, I said, you win. I'll drive to Edmonton and back, staying at 95-100 km/h the whole way. When I got home, I tallied up the gas receipts... and my world was changed.

  • My previous gas efficiency works out to an L-100 (litres per 100km) of 7.3. So, 7.3 * (distance) * (price of gas) tells you how much you'll have to spend to get from A to B. On that earlier trip, gas was $1.10/L, meaning I paid $48.18.

    Just by keeping my speed down, though, I got into Edmonton with an eighth of a tank to spare -- an overall L-100 rating of 5.6! At $1.30/L, that means the trip cost me $43.68.

    There it is, ladies and gentlemen: I spent five dollars less on gas this weekend than I did when gas was twenty cents cheaper. It's hard to argue that logic.

    And, was this discount trip to The Hidden City worth it? Aye, that it was. I enjoyed the company of some wonderful friends, saw some wonders of the human anatomy splayed before me in all their glory, and I even managed to catch Kung Fu Panda on the IMAX. Wonderful.

    Oh, and there was one other thing I did on the weekend: I wandered down to Listen Records, one of my favourite alternative/independent music stores in Edmonton. I approached the clerk with a copy of Nick Cave's latest work, "Dig, Lazarus, Dig", and asked if I could listen to it.

    "You won't be disappointed," he enthused. "Well," he recanted, "you might be, depending on your tastes. But I think it's great."

    I sat down, and listened to the first ten seconds of Track 3. Nick Cave's haunting voice sailed through the headphones and started chanting:

    "When I came up from out of the meat-locker
    the city was gone..."


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    Joe said...

    Denton! Crystal and I forgot to ask you a very important question. Would you freak out if you were being chased by velociraptors?

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