Right in the double indemnities.

My first Tae Kwan Do tournament ever is coming up in less than a month, so everyone in class is getting ready. Tonight, though, in some friendly no-contact sparring, I jumped up, and my opponent had already taken a hearty swing at where my liver had been a second ago.


But, in preparation for said tournament, this was also the first class in which I had ever worn a cup during practice. My friends, that was the closest I'll ever come to winning the life insurance lottery without actually dying.

It was a very good day.


Joe said...

I was actually having a conversation about tournaments and Tae Kwan Do just yesterday. Good luck!

Denton said...

Thanks -- and since I'm a 31-year-old beginner in the 18-35 age category, I'm going to need as much luck as possible. : )

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