Can't keep a good blog down.

I'm typing this in over a public wireless connection in Baltimore. Nice city; for some reason, it looks exactly like I expected Baltimore to look, even though I came here with no expectations.

It's funny, though. The difference between Canada and the U.S. has always been one of small distinctions made large. Maybe it's the hot dog vending machines, or the orange terror alerts over the airport PA systems, or the Spanish subtitles everywhere, or the cops riding Segways (or perhaps most important of all, the fact that I've never been further east in the States than Minnesota), but it feels more like a different country nowadays than it ever did before.

That's not a bad thing, and it's certainly making the trip more entertaining.

I scribbled a whole bunch of poetic-sounding things on my boarding passes while I was on the airplane... as soon as I clean all the fast food receipts and related traveling debris out of my pockets, I'll put some of it up here.

Until the next time, then!

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