It's be incredibly satisfying seeing someone at the other end of the room raise his arms triumphantly and cry, "HOT DOGS!" Especially when those are *your* hot dogs he's holding. In other words, I'm happy to say that my contribution to the Greenhouse Christmas gift exchange was a resounding success. As for the other gifts, once again a good portion were simply useless gifts from last year, but there was a new ray of uselessness shining upon our congregation this time. Behold!

(Sorry about the doorknob in the corner -- I had to wedge my camera into the kitchen cupboards to get the frame lined up.)

You're looking at no less than fourteen button-up T-shirts, ranging from S to XXL, all embroidered with the initials "BVS". I'm not sure what to do with them... but I assure you, something shall be done. But if anybody has an idea, I'd love to hear it.

For that matter, I'd love to hear your guess as to what BVS stands for.

Broken Velcro Straps?
Boolean Variable Separator?
Batman Versus Scarecrow?
Bovine Vaccination Squad?
Beat Vibration Synchronization?
Burnt Vaseline Sandwich?

That's six... I guess I need eight more.


JoeBucket said...

Save them and use them for inspiration for next years NaNo. And for clothing so you don't have to do laundry.

Anonymous said...

I'd say Flaming Disasters uniforms. Put ductape over the BVS--that would be truly Canadian.

Plobvert said...

How about:

Bacon Vegemite Sandwich

Anonymous said...

1.) Regift them.
2.) Brown Van Samaritans.
3.) Only you.


Denton said...

Plobvert's suggestion was truly beautiful (especially when he pointed out www.bvs.org). I was ready to close the contest there, until MB came up with Brown Van Samaritans.

That's the new winner, chiefly because you can sing it to the tune of that Boney M classic, "Brown Girl In The Ring (sha la la la la)".

But yes, they will be seen on the curling rink in 2008, and yes, they will be inspiration for next year's novel (and yes, this is going to affect my laundry schedule).

Thanks, everyone!

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