That rancid stench of ink... I'd know it anywhere.

November is drawing near, and you all know what that means: National Novel Writing Month! Yes, once again I'm going to pollute this blog with the effluence of my consciousness. Say goodbye to my thoughtful observations, and say hello to Denton's stream of consciousness. It's going to be wild, frenetic, and slightly unnerving, and all of you lucky people are going to get dragged along for the ride. For instance, I've discovered a way to put a hairball the size of a shrub into my novel, only to throw the idea away twenty seconds later. (In case you're wondering, it would be a garbage truck that got bitten by a werewolf, and no, that's not making it into the final draft, although it's inspired me to write a small subplot about garbage collectors.)

If you'd like to give it a whirl, there's still plenty of time! Just sign up with www.nanowrimo.org by November 1st. You don't need a backstory, you don't need a main character, and you don't need a plot. You just need to have faith that you can come up with something and run with it. Even if it starts poorly, thirty days of writing will mean that by the end, your writing will be considerably more polished. The trick is that most people won't write for thirty days unless they have a deadline of some sort. Thus, NaNoWriMo addresses both concerns at once. You see? A win-win situation. Go on, sign up so that I have a few more friends that can share the experience. It'll be fun.

(And let me be slightly less subtle for a moment: If I've been a guest at your wedding, then I'm challenging you personally. Come on, you can do it... I've read your e-mails, and we both know that you could write ten novels out of what happened in Howorko's basement.)

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