You'll note that makes me Han.

I enjoyed a proud geek moment last night:

At my Taekwon-do class, myself and one other student were taking our first exam (white with a yellow stripe -- not a tremendous achievement, but it's a start), and we were performing a pattern together. Examination nerves being what they are, the other fellow (let's call him Art, because that's his name) stopped two steps early. I knew something was wrong, but since I was used to doing the pattern in tandem, I stopped too. The instructor coughed politely, and we wrapped it up as neatly (and humbly) as we could.

In the locker room afterwards, Art was focused on that little blunder. "I can't believe I forgot those steps!", he gnashed.

"I can't believe Denton did the same thing!", someone else mentioned helpfully, but Art wasn't quite listening. "I feel like such a fool!", he continued.

"Ah," said I, "but who's more foolish: the fool, or..."

"...The fool who follows him!", every single person cried out in unison.

That, my friends, is what you call a bonding moment.

p.s. A friendly suggestion: If you're looking for something to do, don't forget that I suggested on Monday (and Wednesday) that you should go see Stardust, in theatres now (but possibly not much later).

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