In Theatres (For) Now.

There aren't many examples of the "Fantasy-Comedy-Romance-Action" genre out there. And of them, I can only think of three that are any good: Brazil, The Princess Bride, and now: Stardust (Yes, I actually linked to the official site -- I'm serious about liking this movie).

If you like The Princess Bride, go see Stardust. It's as simple as that. There's a bit more romance and a bit less comedy, but that doesn't make it a worse movie. The section with Robert DeNiro is a bit out of place, but I can live with it. After all, he plays a lightning pirate that flies through storm clouds in an airship. Do you really think I'm going to say that's a bad thing?

Unfortunately, the movie only grossed $9 million in its opening weekend. Sigh... it seems like more and more often, good movies are disappearing before word of mouth can push them along. Maybe that's just because my tastes are becoming more and more marginal. Maybe the good movies are simply the first to feel the approaching death of movie theatres.

Regardless, this post isn't about mobilising my friends to save Neil Gaiman's film. It's about reminding my friends that if they go see a movie this weekend, The Bourne Ultimatum will still be there next week. Stardust might not. So, like a falling star, run to catch it while you can.

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SarahJanet said...

Denton, I just saw this today, and holy crap, I LOVED it. I was very motivated by the posts all over the place about how great it was and how not great it was doing, including here, so thanks for the motivation!


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