Interruptions at dinnertime.


I was planning the list of ingredients to pick up for Round 2, when I find out that my parents are visiting the next night.

Round 2 got pushed into a dark little pile in the corner of my bedroom, right next to a pile of unopened bills, two stacks of CDs lying on my coffee table, and a few days' worth of laundry.

Round 3 was pre-empted by an evening of Vietnamese food, served by a kind man who unlocked the door for us when we arrived ten minutes after closing.

My parents left today, but Round 4 would still seem self-indulgent, after seeing the care packages my mom snuck into my fridge when she wasn't looking.

And so, as it is wont to do, life gets in the way of my little plans.

At least I've still got the aubergines.

EXCITING LATE-BREAKING NEWS: There've been way too many shirt-of-the-day posts lately, and now it's time to correct that. I'm off to do some photojournalism!

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