They're most active at feeding time.

Wow. This is fantastic news...

There is a creationist museum in Big Valley, Alberta.

Just in time, too. At the rate things are going, in just a few years, there might not be any creationists. A vital part of our history, lost forever. Today, our children risk growing up unable to understand how people could think that hindering the studies of biology, geology, and astronomy could possibly be a good thing. Now, thanks to the creationist museum, we'll be able show them actual recreations of people who care more about their opinions than the facts around them. Our young (and our young at heart) can actually view creationists in their native habitat, and try to comprehend this bizarre yet fascinating subculture that once populated the face of the world, right to its very edge. An invaluable learning experience, to say the least.

And most importantly, children will be able to learn exactly how creationists missed the entire point of The Scientific Method. In the process, they might even learn a bit about science themselves. It's edutainment!

What's that?

You say it's a creationism museum?

Oh, well. Six of one, a half dozen of the other. I'm still going there next week -- it just seems I'll have to take pictures of the curators rather than the exhibits.

Does anyone in Calgary want to come with me, and see what it's like when people Inherit The Wind?


Brian Fahlman said...

Please tell me it's not government funded. I don't think I could take that.

Denton said...

I find it a little odd that every press release I read felt the need to mention that it cost $300,000, but that would have been the perfect place to mention government funding, and it never happened. So, I'm assuming that this was built through private donations.

On the other hand, if it is government funded, then I'd have just as much right to apply for a "Pastafarian Study Centre" halfway between it and Drumheller. There's always a silver lining.

gypsyhick said...

When ya going? I'd love to see who runs this thing. I promise not to talk ot anyone.

Jayson Merryfield said...

Hey Denton, here's a little article I ran across this morning (on my favorite site ever) that's right up this post's alley.


Bloody creationists. And to think that there are otherwise reasonable and intelligent people who buy into this stuff.

Dave W. said...

Deeply insulting both Science and Religion simultaneously takes a special talent.

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