New Year's Eve Countup, Part 1

There's a bit of a meme going around for people to write down a list of 101 things to do in 1001 days. I wasn't planning to sign up, but starting it on January 1st is just too good a deal. This way, I get to sidestep three New Year's resolutions in a row. Here's the first quarter:

1. Weep openly and loudly in public.
2. Spend a long, dark night in jail.
3. Break a bone (not a vertebrae, though).

These are my insurance goals. It works in a few ways: First, if I do end up breaking my arm in the next three years, there'll be a bright side. Second, I'll be better prepared to accept the risks in some of the other goals (e.g. I don't have to be afraid of breaking down onstage during a play (see #13), because it's something I'll have to do anyway). And most importantly, if I don't complete everything on this list, that'll be okay, because some things I really didn't want to do. Okay, back to the show.

4. Publish something.
5. Go to Nunavut.
6. Rock Grande Prairie.
7. Enter a pool tournament.
8. Enter a video game tournament.
9. Finally get around to visiting Waterloo, Ontario.
10. Publish something else.
11. Pay my phone bill on time for twelve consecutive months (sounds easy, but it hasn't happened yet).
12. Sing in a choir.
13. Perform in a theatre production.
14. Get named "Employee Of The Month". (And no, the DRDC doesn't have such a program. Yet.)
15. Renounce my microwaving ways and rediscover the art of cuisine.
16. Take up the piano again.
17. Sign up for a night class in French.
18. Sign up for a correspondence course in Japanese.
19. Russian would be nice, too.
20. Invest more wisely.
21. Film a short movie.
22. Support local music - go see at least ten local bands trying to break into the lucrative cover charge market.
23. Develop a fashion sense.
24. Vandalise a sign in order to correct bad grammar.
25. Keep this blog going.

The next twenty-five tomorrow.

1 comment:

gypsyhick said...

#23 - Develop a Fashion Sense

You technically already have a fashion sense. It just happens to revolve around hawaiian type shirts.

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