Disco 2007.

Right. So, picking up from yesterday, I was talking about music. Specifically, it's not just secret agents that can inspire you to greatness. When I hear that opening riff to "Little Bones", I feel like I could punch through a brick wall. If it's "Dead Man Walking", I can break the sound barrier, and if it's "Without Mythologies", the entire world stands still, and waits for me to finish my thoughts.

It's a great feeling, but even when that feeling's at its strongest, you can tell you're still merely on the edge of something sublime... something vast beyond human experience. That's part of the appeal, but you can't help but wonder what would happen if you could fall in entirely.

This is the world of Phonogram, and it's one of the neatest comics I've read all year.

In the book, phonomancers are the people that walk right up to that edge, and jump off. They have power, and they get it from Tom Waits, or The Clash, or the soul of Britpop itself. It's a fantastic concept, and as soon as I saw the "Retromancer", I believed. It also doesn't hurt that Kieron Gillen's writing is dry, witty, and oh so cynical.

The best thing about the book, though, is that it doubles as a soapbox for Gillen's opinions on music, but he's not snooty enough to think that we should already know what he's talking about. Thus, the last three pages of each issue serve as the annotated guide, where he explains as many music references as he can. It's what "Edutainment" was always meant to be, and I love it.

And now that I've blathered on about music, it's your turn! I'm not asking for your favourite song, or the one that describes you best. What I want to know is: Which song puts you on that edge? Which song makes you feel like you can do anything? Personally, I wish I could come up with a more intellectual answer, but... well, you all know me better than that.


Laina said...

"Black Betty" by Ram Jam

chad said...

Air, "Le Soleil Est Près Du Moi"

Jason said...

Keep hope alive - by Crystal Method

Kevin said...

Freebird - not by Ram Jam

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