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I tend to put charities (a loaded word, I admit) into three broad groups. The first group sees great injustice, hardship, and suffering in the world, and they try to end it.

The second group is about helping the hungry, the homeless, and les indigents... the people whose ranks we're all just days away from joining. Of course, it's pretty foolish to think we'll never get sick, so medical research goes here, too.

The third group is The Rainbow Connection. These are the people that build Marvels and Wonders: Those things which surpass the limitations of people, and remind us of our potential. They change and shape our world in a thousand indirect ways. Do they sometimes fail hilariously? Quite often. Does that mean we should stop trying? Quite the opposite.

Which brings us to The Heart Of The World. It's an old theatre which is slipping either towards demolition or restoration. If it's restoration, Vancouver gets an independent film theatre which doubles a live theatre which triples as a music hall. If it's demolition, then... well, I don't know, but the Cynical 8-Ball points towards Vancouver's 637th Second Cup in 2007.

(Note to self: Invent Cynical 8-Ball, make millions.)

As for fundraising... I am proud to say that I am now an investing partner. I'm glad I did so for the reasons listed above, but there's also an added bonus: This summer, I shall make a Journey to the Heart of the World.

With a title like that, how can it not be my greatest road trip yet?

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