Lest we forget.

I love Remembrance Day. Not only because it's important to remember the effects of war, but also because it's possibly the last holiday we'll ever have that doesn't get sucked into a profit party. Chocolate poppies, and brightly lit crosses on the front lawn? Thankfully, that's never going to happen. (For a couple of reasons, now that I think of it.)

And this morning, I discovered an added bonus: It's a moral high ground.

At 10h00, the phone rang. "Hello, sir. I'm calling on behalf of the Medicine Hat Shopper, and they've got a wonderful promotion today..." She went on to list every last benefit of this coupon book, pointing out every manner in which it could save me money, or make a great stocking stuffer for Christmas. I let her go on, playing out the line, until she finally got tired and stopped for a rest.

"Well, that sounds like a lovely offer, but I'll have to decline."

"Oh? Why?"

"Because I refuse to support the telemarketing system."

"But, sir, this isn't telemarketing, these are local businesses." (cute logic there.)

"Yes, but it's still an unsolicited phone call... on Remembrance Day."

(slight pause) "I see. Sorry to bother you, sir."

And that was it. She folded like a turkey napkin, and it felt good.

Best thing about Remembrance Day? It's over by morning. Now, I'm off to enjoy a guilt-free afternoon!

...except for all that writing I have to do. Blast.

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