Actually, my third decade doesn't start until I'm 31.

I'd gone through the entire day without worrying about this being my 30th birthday. Finally, at a dinner party tonight, a two-year-old boy called me "Mister Denton".


Truthfully, I was pretty tickled to hear that. Telemarketers (and no one else) have been calling me "Mr. Froese" for years now. But "Mr. Denton"? It's got a good ring to it. He's the guy who holds meetings at his cabana. He's the guy that gets things done. He's the open and friendly man of mystery. He's the straw that stirs the drink.

*Gasp!* I've become Ricardo Montalban!

Delusions of grandeur aside, this was actually a really good day. I finished some quality dialogue on Pile O' Bones. I met up with three old friends: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly. I finished my Hallowe'en costume. Then, the parents dropped in to say hello... and I got this for my birthday.

Yes. YES. This is the present you give to someone in Medicine Hat. At least, it is when that "someone"... is Mr. Denton.


Scott and Cara said...

Happy belated birthday....that my friend is a great hat.

Love the blog idea.

Scott and Cara

Cara said...

That, Mr. Denton, is a phenomenal hat. And happy last-year-of-your-2nd-decade!

Jeff Bilodeau said...

Nice... Keep up the good work. Jeff

Kevintoldmetosayhi said...

So Hi. Happy birthday....Great hat by the way.

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